Min ga la ba” and hello from Ellie and Sacha in the temple-strewn plains of Bagan! From the elegant southern city of Yangon, the second stop on our Burma reccy has taken us to central Burma – a breathtakingly beautiful landscape which is literally littered with thousands of ancient temples. Alas, it is time for us to leave (next stop: Mandalay), but these have been the Top 10 highlights of our stay in Bagan:


A pre-breakfast dip in the pool at gorgeous Thiripyitsaya Sanctuary Resort on the banks of the Irrawaddy River.


The extraordinary views over hundreds of ancient ruins and pagodas which peek out from this remote jungle. Dawn is the best time to watch Bagan coming to life as the sun lights up her intricately carved temples, yet the temperature is not too hot.


Ellie sampling some homemade alcohol at a toddy palm juice production plant at 9am!


The ubiquitous tea leaf salad and green tea – a traditional Burmese welcome given to every guest who enters the home.


We fell head over heels for Popa Mountain Resort, set high up in the hills not far from Bagan; the infinity pool provides the ultimate viewing spot of Mount Popa temple.


But the ‘Best Swimming Pool in Bagan’ award really has to go to the Aureum Palace – check out that view!


Our sunset boat cruise along the Irrawaddy rewarded us with panoramic views of the riverbank silhouetted by countless temples, near and far… a tremendously romantic experience as the sky turned pink.


The utterly charming and remarkably named ‘Be Kind to Animals, The Moon’ vegetarian restaurant. The atmosphere is very sweet and the food is clearly made with love; we highly recommend trying the aubergine salad and the tea leaf salad.


Horse-back riding is a great way to take in the quiet splendour of Bagan’s ancient temples. It is an experience as yet undiscovered by the majority of tourists and it lets you explore this vast archaeological site in a unique way.


As if we needed persuading, this sunset on our final night here confirmed our desire to return to Bagan as soon as possible!