5 – 18 JANUARY 2014
food tour of India

We are tremendously excited to invite you to join the ultimate culinary journey through the culturally diverse north, east, south and west of India. Created and led by passionate Indian food historian and a dear friend of ours, Jonty Rajagopolan, food lovers will experience a way of life where every meal is a celebration of life itself.  On a foodie tour like no other, Jonty’s feast for the mind teaches the art of living to eat.

Travelling with Jonty through India’s foodie heartland, she will reveal a fresh insight into how food is closely connected and influenced by both the country’s religion and culture. You will explore two of the country’s gastronomic ‘hubs’ – Hyderabad and Calcutta, and the emerging destinations of Amritsar and Ahmedabad, highlighting how each region’s character comes into its own in the kitchen.You will visit some of Jonty’s favourite temples, including the Golden Temple at Amritsar, and throughout this extraordinary journey you will discover some of India’s finest spice and vegetable markets and be warmly welcomed into village homes. A rare opportunity to see and understand how food and life has been so heavily influenced by Hindu and Jain beliefs.

Making its debut in January this thirteen-day tour will be the first in a series on offer throughout 2014, staying in some of the country’s finest hotels such as The Oberoi Grand, Calcutta and Taj Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad. Regional highlights include:

  • Ahmedabad – located in the Western part of India and home to one of the country’s largest vegetarian populations, the guests will explore the connection between religion and food habits and the role played by Jainism in the growth of vegetarianism in the country.
  • Amritsar – located in the north west, bordering Pakistan, is where Jonty provides a fascinating insight into how this region has been influenced by Sikhism and its strong focus on the role of the community. This region with its fertile fields is also known for its culture of hospitality.
  • Calcutta – On the Eastern side of the country, Kolkata was the capital of the British East India Company and home to arguably the most evolved of all the Indian cuisines. A city obsessed with food, apart from authentic Bengali food, the guests will taste the best of the street food from Jhaal Muri to the Kathi rolls. Guests will also experience the legacy of the British through the Anglo-Indian cuisine, as well as discovering the ‘Indianisation’ of Chinese food. This state is also home to the most sought after Darjeeling tea, which guests will try during a tea-tasting lesson.
  • Hyderabad – located further South, the region is definitely one of the country’s leading foodie destinations and is synonymous with India’s most royal dish – the Biryani. The Nizams of Hyderabad came from the north with their Mughlai food and adopted some of the local flavours, leaving behind a distinctive cuisine filled with kebabs and curries. The region is also known for its fiery chillies and myriad of chutneys and pickles.
The 13-day Art of Living to Eat tour is available from £5,860 per person, based on two sharing and including international flights, domestic flights in India, 13 nights accommodation, all meals, activities, entrances, road transport and tour leader plus daily gift.The tour can also be tailor-made to cater for individual tastes. The first tour will depart on 5 January with further dates available throughout 2014. Please click here: ‘A Culinary Tour of India‘ to read the full itinerary.

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