Alps not calling your name this year? For a completely different skiing holiday (not for the faint of heart), we suggest mixing one of the most adventurous winter sports, heli-skiing, with one of the most stunningly beautiful and undiscovered skiing regions: Kashmir in northern India, which was until recently off limits to tourists due to the long standing territorial dispute between India and Pakistan. Heli-skiing in Gulmarg only started in 2011 and it is becoming popular with adventure-hunters who love Kashmir precisely because it is nothing like the usual ski experience. But do be aware that it is not for beginners and requires a good level of fitness and off-piste expertise.

Courtesy of your own private helicopter and pilot, you’ll be deposited at the region’s most spectacular spots, minus the crowds (not that there are any even if you don’t heli-ski). The excitement is getting onto fresh powder runs and totally unexplored valleys. Kashmir is no Val d’Isère – it is magnificently ungroomed. Because the skiing in this region is fairly underdeveloped there is the requirement to ski cross country to reach fresh snow, which adds to the sense of adventure. Warm up with a pot of mint tea back at your lodge or with some hard Kashmiri liquor! An adrenaline-pumping and wonderfully surreal experience guaranteed. This itinerary could be combined with a trip to Ladakh to track elusive snow leopards in the mountains. The best time for both activities is in the Winter (Jan/Feb/March).

To get a flavour of what you can expect, check out this video of our sales consultant Mark Wright and his friends heli-skiing in Gulmarg, Kashmir in March this year – it is equal parts hilarious and drop-dead gorgeous!

Call or email Mark for more details or to book your own tailor-made heli-skiing holiday to Kashmir – +44 (0)20 7289 6100 /