This is a great itinerary for people who want to explore Bhutan’s unique Mahayana Buddhist culture and stunning landscape of high mountain peaks, densely forested slopes and illuvial glacial plains. Each valley visited is different with its own regional cultural traditions and topography, whilst the lodges along the way are practical and occasionally charming. Highlights include a stay in Gangtey (Phobjikha Valley) to see rare Black Neck Cranes, the spectacular Dzong of Punakha and the unlikely and incredible Tiger’s Nest Monastery of Paro.
A wonderfully rich and varied itinerary designed for the first time visitor who really wants the full introduction with all the trimmings. In addition to the must-sees of Thimphu, Paro and Punakha, highlights include a blessing at a fertility temple, practising your archery skills with your guide, and a marvellous nature walk in the Phobjikha Valley, home of rare Black Neck Cranes.
Our most luxurious and serene Bhutan trip, staying exclusively in Amankora resorts and focusing on laid-back sightseeing with optional nature walks and biking. Enjoy cultural shows in front of a roaring fire whilst being pampered with hot apple tea, blankets and hot water bottles. The food at the Amankora is the best in Bhutan (we particularly love the private dining room set in the old farm house).
If you like to be a pioneer then this itinerary will take you to places few non-Bhutanese have ever seen. Completely off the beaten path, you will visit the heartlands of Bhutan including the eastern provinces and town of Trashigang and Mongar where the people are semi-nomadic. The infrastructure and accommodation for your first few days will be a far cry from a luxury holiday but with each passing day this will change and you will certainly feel that you have earned your luxuries by the end of the trip.
Bhutan and the Indian Andamans could hardly be more different and it is precisely for this reason that we bring them together to form a fantastic marriage of spiritual mountain kingdom with tropical beach paradise. Take in the highlights of Bhutan including Thimphu, Punakha and The Tiger’s Nest monastery of Paro, before heading out to the remote Andaman islands where a fantastic eco beach property and pristine tropical seas await. Opposites really do attract on this amazing journey from mountain peaks to tropical reefs.
This is our most extensive Bhutan tour – perfect for people who want to look under every inch of the carpet! – with a choice of ‘superior’ or ‘luxury’ accommodation dependent on your budget. In addition to all the must-sees, highlights include a blessing at a fertility temple, playing archery with your guide, and a marvelous nature walk to the Valley of the Black Neck Cranes in Gantey.
Great for those who want to have a huge Himalayan adventure with contrasting views of two Himalayan countries. Explore colourful Katmandu and go elephant-back tiger trekking in Nepal before venturing on a thorough cultural odyssey across Bhutan.
The best time for spotting the beautiful Black Neck Crane is from early December to mid-March. This is a great itinerary for people who want to explore Bhutan’s unique landscape and see the variation between the different valleys whilst staying in local lodges along the way. You will stay in Gangtey and visit the Valley of the Black Necked Cranes, going as far as Phobjikha Valley where electricity is still a novelty.
Tour of Bhutan and the Druk Path Trek itineraryTour of Bhutan and the Druk Path Trek – 14 days from £ 5585 per person >>
Paro | Jele Dzong | Jangchulakha | Jimilangtsho | Simkotra | Punakha | Paro | Delhi
Ideal for action-lovers with an adventurous spirit. There is the option to stay in ‘superior’ or ‘luxury’ accommodation depending on your budget. Spend two nights in Paro then go camping and trekking for 6 nights (getting involved in setting up camp if you want to – or not!). Explore off the beaten track villages and tred the revered Druk Path Trek.
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