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Few countries in the world share as rich and fascinating a cultural heritage as India and Italy. Empires have risen and fallen, kingdoms have been wiped out and colonizers have come and gone yet both cultures have survived thanks to their ability to adapt to change and absorb different influences. What is it about the culture and spirit of these two countries that gives them the ability to do this?

Join us on an incredible, indulgent and unusual journey spending one week in India and one week in Italy; along the way we will explore the most wonderful aspects of both countries including their art, architecture, values, religion, society and what many would argue is the ultimate heart and soul of a culture – its food.

We will take you to our favourite locations, many of which are inaccessible to the general public, and introduce you to distinguished and flamboyant figures in culture and society. These fascinating people will be your hosts and unveil hidden gems to even those familiar with both countries.

Your hosts will be James Jayasundera from Ampersand Travel and Emily FitzRoy of Bellini Travel.

James Grace-Jayasundera, the boss of Ampersand Travel, is awfully well-connected, and his tours are testament to his ruby-encrusted contacts book.

– Sunday Times Travel Magazine

Emily FitzRoy is the owner of Bellini and the UK’s pre-eminent Italy specialist. She has access to some of its most patrician citizens – those who’ll not just make their private country estate or city palazzo accessible for a dinner, but be present to host her clients.

– Financial Times How to Spend It

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