A few weeks holiday a year is great (blissful, in fact!) for the majority of us. Moreover, it is usually all we can justify in terms of money, time off work or simply away from normal life. But there are times in life when a “holiday” isn’t enough; times when we want to “travel”… for a long time.

This can happen at any point, but generally it is before university – i.e. a Gap Year – or once you’ve entered retirement after 40-odd years of work. But there are a growing number of us who are realising the benefits of taking a sabbatical – and that includes employers, too, many of whom are savvy enough to realise their experience-hungry employee will return to work with plenty more to add to the table.

There is also that other marvellous thing: gardening leave. This is when an employee leaves their job (through choice or otherwise) and has a notice period where they are instructed to stay away from work whilst still getting paid. What on earth will you do with all that time and money, you ask yourself! Take the time to travel to beautiful, enlightening places, of course. Yes, gardening leave has ripe potential to turn into “the holiday of a lifetime”.

If there is ever a time to turn to the travel experts, it is during these occasions in life when you have more time, money and expectations. And if it is the Indian Subcontinent and/or Southeast Asia you want to explore, nobody knows or loves it like we do. Our staff will tailor-make your itinerary to ensure you get exactly what you what from every moment of your one-, two-, three-, or even six-month adventure.

Whether you want a cultural, soul-searching journey or utter pampering in the height of luxury (or a mix of both), we will make it happen seamlessly. We will offer inspiration and advice on where to go and what to expect; we will open our little black book of contacts to ensure you are with the best people on the ground; and we will provide the security of knowing that we are at the end of the phone should you ever need us.

If you are one of the lucky ones who fall into any of the categories mentioned, call us on 020 7289 6100 or email info@ampersandtravel.com to start planning your holiday of a lifetime.