Children near Kampi, Cambodia is an online community that helps responsible travellers make a practical difference to the lives of those in developing countries that have so little, and deserve so much more. It is an ideal way to give back to communities and connect with them, allowing you to come away with a real sense of where you’ve been – not to mention 20 new friends.

     The idea is that whatever space you have left in your bag, you stuff with whatever the charity you choose to visit needs e.g. pens, books, and clothes. Little gestures and gifts like this go a long way, and take no time or effort. What attracted Ampersand to the website is the simplicity yet effectiveness of the idea, and the difference you can make with items simply lying around unused in your house.

Family in Cambodia

     I will be travelling to Thailand, Cambodia, Laos & Vietnam at the end of July and I have already been in touch with Sunrise Children’s Village in Siem Reap and From the Heart in Ho Chi Minh City about what they would prefer me to bring. When I return I will share my experiences and photos of these charities, and the results it has.

     If you would like to learn more about Stuff Your Rucksack and what you can do to support the communities you visit please contact your Ampersand Travel consultant, who will be able to advise you on which charities would benefit from your holiday.