Last week there was some confusion over whether tiger tourism would survive in India. The Times reported that the National Tiger Conservation Authority was planning to phase out tourism in the core area of India’s tiger reserves because it was believed that large numbers of visitors were destroying the cat’s habitat and driving away prey. Soon after this report was published, India’s environment minister, Jairam Ramesh, denied the speculation by saying: “Our policy is to develop a set of guidelines for eco-tourism where tourism takes place in a sustainable way, linked to the carrying capacity of the reserves. We are not at all interested in stopping tiger tourism.”

Bengal Tiger

Tourism brings much needed funds to local communities, which in turn allows them and the government to help protect and preserve the majestic Bengal tiger. Ampersand Travel are members of TOFT (Travel Operators for Tigers), whose main ideals are that “legal, responsible, well managed tourism into India’s finest wildernesses and Tiger reserves is the very best way to save the forests of India and its Tigers”. TOFT also commented on the recent speculation over the ‘Tiger ban’, coming to the conclusion of: “… let’s not shoot down the one industry that has the power to restore and value wildlife”. To read the full article click here. We are glad of the outcome and that future generations of Tigers will flourish in India’s 37 tiger reserves.

If you would like the opportunity to experience a tiger in its natural habitat have a look at our Tiger, Tiger and Ultimate Luxury Tiger Safari itineraries. Both trips allow for plenty of game drives to spot the elusive cat, as well as the varied bird and wildlife on show. There will also be time to visit the surrounding villages, giving an insight into rural life in India and the complexities of humans and tigers living side by side. If you have any further questions or would like to combine the itineraries with other parts of India, please call James or Jessica on 020 7289 6100.

Bengal Tiger Cub