To see the city of Delhi within 48 hours is quite a daunting task, considering the size and sporadic layout of the city. However, armed with my excellent driver Naresh, copious amounts of water and my camera I hit the sights within an hour of landing (despite it being one of the hottest parts of the day). We managed to visit the grand Red Fort, the Masjid mosque towering over Old Delhi, the little known Agrasen ki Baoli (a dried out step-well near Connaught Place) and the impressive Mughal architecture of Humayun’s Tomb with fantastic views of the city.

Red Fort, Old Delhi

    However much you read and hear about Delhi prior to your visit, nothing can prepare you for your first experience. The contrasting smells, the organised chaos of the roads, the hardcore fascination of cricket and the old colonial buildings are all things you expect to experience but in what capacity you will never know until you visit. I was expecting to witness some wildlife on my 15 day tour of Delhi and Rajasthan, but I never believed that monkeys, an elephant and a scampering warthog on a golf course within a day of being in the capital would be on the agenda. Your experience in Delhi will be a very personal one and will differ greatly from anyone else’s. This is what makes Delhi so exciting, and with the upcoming Commonwealth Games in October the city is only going to continue to impress.

Jama Masjid, Old Delhi

Humayun's Tomb, South Delhi

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