For anyone who has been to Bhutan or northern India or is interested in travelling to the region in the future you may like to visit Doug Patterson’s new exhibition, Artist in Paradise, a body of paintings and drawings which record three of the world’s great faiths. From the architecture and landscapes of the Buddhist Dzongs of Bhutan and Islamic mosques of India and North Africa, to the Christian Orthodox monasteries of Mount Athos and Meteora in Greece, Patterson’s work gives us a personal insight into the spiritual world of these very private places of worship. The exhibition is on display from the 5th April to 16th May 2010 at the National Theatre. For more information visit or

      If this exhibition inspires you to visit the dzongs and mosques in Bhutan and India do give James or Jessica a call on 020 7289 6100 who would be delighted to help you plan your trip. Alternatively e-mail us at .

Takstang ("Tiger's Nest"), Bhutan by Doug Patterson