After a number of years of Sri Lankan tourism being affected by natural disasters and civil war, it finally seems to be picking itself up. This is reflected in luxury hotels such as Amanwella, Amangalla & Villa Bentota luring visitors in with great deals and journalists churning out articles on Sri Lanka ranging from its growing green credentials, being used as a yoga retreat and how the country is coming to terms with a growing amount of tourists. Ampersand Travel has always been a great admirer and promoter of Sri Lanka, with Jessica and James having an abundance of knowledge and firsthand experience of every aspect of the country. Their knowledge is kept relevant and up-to-date by returning to see what has changed and improved in the cities, national parks and on the beaches. James’ most recent trip inspired our newest itinerary – Natural Wonders of Sri Lanka (with an account of Jessica’s most recent trip to Rambukkana for a very special occasion to follow shortly).

Whale Watching in Sri Lanka

      On his trip he raved about the amount of wildlife he saw in Sri Lanka’s seas and national parks: “I have just returned from a most wonderful adventure in Sri Lanka. I witnessed a pod of 5 Blue Whales and over 250 Dolphins racing through the water off the shores of Galle, as well as 3 leopards (in a single sighting) and over 150 elephants in Yala National Park.” It sounds like he got lucky, but these sightings are not that rare in Sri Lanka, the island is teeming with exciting wildlife. The new Natural Wonders of Sri Lanka itinerary is a great way to experience the natural beauty of this island and exploring its rivers, lakes, mountains, jungle and ocean. It incorporates a wide range of accommodation which can include mud huts, tree houses and caves (yet without necessarily sacrificing on comfort). This trip is ideal for nature lovers of any age with a good sense of fun and adventure. Go white water rafting down the warm Kitulgala River surrounded by dense tropical jungle, trek on the misty Horton Plains, reminiscent of the Scottish Highlands, sleep in a tree house or even a mud hut on the banks of a gem filled river (you can go prospecting too!) and relax in its natural Jacuzzi beneath the waterfall. Explore the fauna and flora in Sinharaja, recognised by UNESCO as being a unique habitat, see herds of elephants and possibly even leopards in Yala National Park. For the grand finale go whale and dolphin watching where you have excellent chances of seeing both blue whales and dolphins.

Elephants in Yala National Park

      To find out more about Natural Wonders of Sri Lanka please visit our website or give us a call on 020 7289 6100, James & Jessica would love to impart their expertise on the country. If you have any knowledge and tips you wish to share with us, we would be very interested to hear them!

Elephants in Yala National Park