Photographer Andrew Farrar will be holding a rare and highly anticipated exhibition of his work from November 26th – December 2nd, 2009. Presented in the incredibly unique and very beautiful crypt of St. Andrew’s Church in Holborn. This series, Holy Cow, was born of a trip to India earlier this year. The underground chambers of this centrally-located church were home to over 3000 bodies until their excavation in 2001. This winter, it will be home to Holy Cow, an innovative, evocative, and deeply moving series of images.

External perceptions of India tend towards the highly romanticized colour and fantasy espoused by both the media and entertainment industries. Fashion magazines run obligatory “Indian Summer” stories annually, most of which present models lounging on bare, hidden beaches. The social, economic and psychological dichotomy within Indian society, however, was what inspired Andrew. The country now boasts its own biannual fashion week and last year saw the hotly-awaited launch of Vogue India. But there are still many refuting such advancements and Western influences within Indian society. It was these people Andrew sought out. Poverty and ignorance are by no means the overriding sentiment in Andrew’s work and his images certainly do not succumb to the strategy of victimization so often present in documentary photography. Each image seeks to portray the sense of his subjects’ personal empowerment; each image is celebratory and its subject immensely striking.

Andrew Farrar graduated from The University College of Creative Arts with a BA First Class Honours Degree in Advertising and Editorial Photography. He has since worked with a vast array of photographers, including Andrew Macpherson, Heather Favell and Chris Kramer. He has shot, amongst others, Camilla Rutherford, Goldie, Dame Judi Dench and Derek Jacobi. Andrew’s work has appeared in Hello, The English Home, Intersection and Pashion Magazine and he most recently shot the Puma Campaign for 2010.

You can discover the ‘Real India’ with some of Ampersand’s specialised itineraries such as Mystical Tamil Nadu, Grand Tour of North India and Gems of North India. For more suggestions contact Jessica Andrews at 020 7289 6100.