World’s longest tunnel aquarium

This new aquarium has just been opened in Chiang Mai and is fast coming a major attaction. It is 133 meters long and 66.5 meters wide and houses around 8,000 aquatic animals of 250 different species, both fresh salt and fresh water species. This is a great way to experience a vast array of marine creatures and be educated about them at the same time.

New-born PandaBabyPanda Bear

Panda cubs are possibly the cutest animals on earth and only a handful of zoos around the world can boast having one, Chiang Mai Zoo is now one of them. On 27th May the female panda Lin Hui gave birth to her healthy baby cub.  The Panda Bears are on loan from China and they will be in Chiang Mai for the next 2 years, so to view the first panda born in Thailand you have to act soon. 


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