30th-31st December 2009 – Camel Festival – Bikaner, Rajasthan

Dedicated to the indispensable ship of the desert, the festival starts off with a magnificent procession of bedecked camels. Several competitions are held, marked with typical Rajasthani colour, music and gay festivities.  Camel dances, races and rides are also available.

14th January 2010 – Kite Festival – Jaipur

Kite flying is generally popular in Jaipur but on this day the sky becomes next to invisible as innumerable kites cover it. People form groups and fly kites, to enjoy the event to its full. If you are in the area this is an event that has to be experienced.

28th February 2010 – Elephant Festival – Jaipur

During the festival, Jaipur comes alive with elephants, dancers and musicians which draw visitors from all over the world. The elephants stride majestically for everybody by parading their decorated trunks and tusks. Elephant polo and elephant tug of war can also be experienced during the festival.

1st March 2010 – Holi – All over India

Holi, celebrated mainly in North India, is a very popular festival of colours. It heralds the end of winter and the beginning of spring. People throw coloured powder at each other and make merry at this two-day festival.

These are only a small handful of colourful Indian festivals that are taking place over the next 6 months, however plenty more can be experienced in every corner of India. Do something different and celebrate these wonderful events with the locals!