With the dramatic fall of the pound against many of the world’s currencies, and many of the Sunday Papers reporting the probable decline of travel to American and European destinations, longer haul destinations are beginning to look  more attractive than they have for a long time.

Unfortunately flight prices have not yet fallen however there are a few special deals to India and the Far East with BA and Jet Airways flying around. Hotels in the Far East and India are beginning to bring out some stay 3 nights pay for 2 night offers as well as value added offers with extras like free airport transfers, complimentary spa treatments and meals. Contact Ampersand for more information.


Although the flights are not cheap to India and South East Asia, once you are there the cost of living can be very inexpensive. Certainly in South East Asia, eating in local restaurants can be a great experience, the food can be just as good, if not better than the restaurants in 5 star hotels, the prices are often 10 times cheaper and the atmosphere will be truly authentic, giving you more of a local flavour.  If you are careful, then even street food from stalls and kiosks in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam can be a great experience. South East Asians love their snacks so try green mango and chilli sugar in Laos, spicy raw papaya salad Som Tum in Thailand or steaming Pho noodle soup in Vietnam, all can cost as little as a dollar.

Shopping in Asia also remains good value, especially for local goods from markets and smaller shops and getting around by taxis and pedicabs is also very good value.  

Whilst getting to Europe still costs less than getting to India or South East Asia, with the pound currently buying just 1 Euro, once there Europe is no longer good value. In Asia however, it is possible to take advantage of the lower costs of living and spend much less on eating out and shopping. So why not travel a bit further and experience a completely different culture for no more than a trip to Europe?